PT Reska Multi Usaha Jobs: Tenaga Satuan Pengamanan - PT Reska Multi Usaha (PT RMU) is a company jointly established by KAI with Yayasan Pusaka on July 2nd, 2003 in Jakarta. Shareholders of PT Reska are KAI holding 95.01% and Yayasan Pusaka holding 4.99%. At first, PT RMU was a restaurant unit under KaDaop that managed most of the restaurant trains.

PT Reska Multi Usaha Jobs: Tenaga Satuan Pengamanan

Then in 2003 PT, Restoran Kereta Api (PT RESKA) was established as a subsidiary of KAI. Subsequently, in 2009 changed its name to PT Reska Multi Usaha (RMU).

Along with its business development, PT Reska Multi Usaha needs competent, committed, strong, and professional human resources. The following are the job opportunities we offer for those who wish to join and work together with PT Reska Multi Usaha.

A career at PT. Reska Multi Usaha. Recruitment and re-registration

Tenaga Satuan Pengamanan


- Indonesian citizen
- Male
- Not tattooed
- Minimum High School (SMA) graduate/equivalent
- Physically and mentally fit, not color blind, and free of drugs and psychotropic substances abuse
- Minimum age 18 years old and maximum 35 years old
- Have proportional weight with a minimum height of 165 cm
- Have a valid Kartu Tanda Anggota (KTA) Satpam or an extension letter (bukti pengurusan perpanjangan KTA)
- Photocopy of Gada Pratama / Gada Madya certificate
- Fill out the Integrity Pact Form of prospective employees (the format can be downloaded on the registration page)
- Use an official uniform complete with an ID card when attending the test

Application Documents

All documents included in 1 yellow plastic folder (business file) sequentially containing:
- Printed out of the test participant registration number from the registration page at the link below
- Printed Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate (minimum first dose)
- Photocopy of KCI Employee ID Card (only for candidates who re-register)
- Photocopy of ID card (KTP)
- Photocopy of KTA Satpam or KTA extension letter (bukti pengurusan perpanjangan KTA)
- Photocopy of Gada Pratama / Gada Madya certificate
- Original Health Certificate, color blind test results issued by RSUD, Puskesmas (Kecamatan / Kelurahan)
- Original Drugs / Psychotropics Test Result issued by RSUD, BNN or LABKESDA
- 2 pieces 3x4 cm color photographs, 1 with blue background and 1 with red background
- Photocopy of Family Card (KK)
- Original signed Application Letter
- Original Curriculum Vitae (CV)
- Legalized photocopy of valid Police Certificate (SKCK) 
- Photocopy of the latest Diploma
- Photocopy of BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan cards
- Photocopy of BRI / BNI / Mandiri saving account book
- Original Employee Integrity Pact with IDR 10,000 stamp duty that has been signed (the form can be downloaded from the registration page)
- Photocopy of Employment Certificate (if any).
- For the selection test please bring and show the original documents and do not bring your personal vehicle

Should you be interested in the position and meet the qualifications required please register at the link below. Registration opened on 18-25 November 2021.

No fees are collected during the recruitment process and the Recruitment Committee can close the vacancies at any time without prior notice if the applicant's quota has been fulfilled.

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