PT Honda Prospect Motor Jobs: Operator

PT Honda Prospect Motor is a Sole Agent Trademark Holder (ATPM) as well as the center of the Honda automobile assembly and its components in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jl. Gaya Motor I (Sunter II) North Jakarta, and a factory in Jl. Mitra Utara II Mitrakarawang Industrial Estate, West Java.

PT Honda Prospect Motor Jobs: Operator

PT Honda Prospect Motor has become one of the companies that have considerable influence on the Indonesian automotive industry.

Right on January 15, 2014, PT. Honda Prospect Motor inaugurated the second plant well as the launch of new models Honda Mobilio, thus PT Honda Prospect Motor will increase the 'market share in the Indonesian automotive industry.

As the Brand Sole Agent (ATPM) as well as the assembly center for Honda cars and their components in Indonesia, PT Honda Prospect Motor plays an important role in the development of the Indonesian automotive industry. This is evidenced by continuous product innovation so that now Honda is able to launch products that are reckoned with in the national and international automotive markets.

To continue to carry out production by means of continuous quality improvement, of course, it is necessary to have superior human resources. One way to achieve this is by requiring employees to have a set of competencies. At PT Honda Prospect Motor, there are "Role Competencies" that are tailored to each position level. In addition, there are "Core Competencies" that all employees at all levels of position must possess in order to be able to produce effective and efficient performance in achieving goals.

The core competencies that must be possessed are the motivation for achievement, discipline, and integrity, having initiative and concern, and paying attention to the quality and accuracy of work. In addition, employees must also be able to work in groups, be aware of and strive for work safety, and have the desire to meet the needs of customers/users of work both internal and external to the company.

In accordance with the vision to provide high-quality products at affordable prices for consumer satisfaction, we invite those of you who meet the qualifications and are passionate about achieving your dream of contributing with us to offer the best products for the community.

To realize these goals, then we open up career opportunities for you to join the big family of HPM and make a significant contribution to our common development. Enroll yourself in accordance with the position of interest and follow our selection process. Good luck and see you in the world of work which is full of challenges and opportunities.

Operator (Senior High School (SMA) / Senior Vocational High School (SMK) or Equivalent)

Deadline: 18 July 2021
Location: Karawang

In charge of carrying out the production process, maintaining existing machines and equipment, administrative activity, driving car and forklift in accordance with their respective work points.

General Qualifications :

  • Male
  • Age:  Admin and Operator Machine and Equipment Maintenance: 18-20 years old. Car and Forklift Drivers: 18-23 years old
  • Height: Admin and Operator Machine and Equipment Maintenance: minimum 166 cm with ideal weight. Car and Forklift Drivers: minimum 160 cm with ideal weight
  • High School (SMA) / Vocational High School (SMK) graduate or equivalent
  • Have no visual impairment
  • Minimum report card average grade is 7
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Honest and disciplined
  • Willing to work in Karawang
  • Willing to work with shift system

Specific Qualifications :

  • Admin: proficient in operating computers, especially Microsoft Excel
  • Car Driver: able to drive a manual and automatic car and have SIM A
  • Forklift Operator: able to drive a forklift and have SIO
  • Machine and Equipment Maintenance Operator: proficient in electrical

Application Documents :

  • Health Certificate (stated height and weight)
  • Recent photograph (neat and polite appearance)
  • Scan of Identity Card (KTP)
  • Scan of application letter
  • Scan of the latest CV
  • Scan of diploma
  • Scan of Police Certificate (SKCK) (if do not have, may upload Family Cark (KK))
  • Scan of transcript
  • Scan of driver's license type A (SIM A) or SIO (if any)

Should you are interested in the position and meet the qualifications required, please apply to the link below.

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