Sinar Mas Mining Jobs: Technology Analyst

Sinar Mas Mining Jobs: Technology Analyst

Sinar Mas Mining (SMM), one of the pillars in Sinar Mas group, a conglomeration enterprise in Indonesia as a global mining company and beyond.

SMM has grown with 60+ business entities focused on technology innovation across 4 industries; Renewable Energy, Digital Enabled Financial Services, Lifestyle, Investment & Incubation.

As a trusted company with customer-oriented, we continue to uphold corporate governance, make an opportunity to create a meaningful impact on communities, creating leaders from within, and always be ready to face the dynamics of change and challenges in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Sinar Mas Mining functions as a holding company of PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk, PT Berau Coal Tbk, and also other subsidiaries operating in the energy sustainability sector. The company has consistently demonstrated passion and commitment to reach its vision: "sustainable growth and value creation for shareholders and community". This drive to excel and add value is an ever more important, and probably utmost necessary in this highly competitive and challenging industry.

Sinarmas Mining is seeking great leaders to lead our company and its subsidiaries. The role includes but not limited to planning, coordinating, monitoring, and managing the implementation of the business program within the mining and renewable energy industry. If you are interested to keep exploring new things and passionate about discovering new insights, get in touch with us!.

Technology Analyst

Job Descriptions :

• Perform activities to identify and verify the need for new information & technology development in the overall process of implementing digitalization within the company
• Creating models and systems for developing new information & technology in the process of implementing a comprehensive digitalization within the company
• Monitor the entire process of managing new technology and digitization that is taking place within the company so that it is as expected

Requirements :

• Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering, Information Technology, or Computer Science
• Minimum 7 years of experience in related field
• Deep understanding of the latest IT Technology
• Have Certification in technology
• Effective communication & supervisory
• Critical thinking & problem-solving

Should you are interested in the position and meet the qualifications required, please apply via the link below. The recruitment process is free of charge. Beware of recruitment scams.

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