PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) Jobs: Counterman | Analyst Technology | Mechanic

PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) Jobs: Counterman | Analyst Technology | Mechanic

PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) is the world-class heavy equipment solution provider of Caterpillar machines and engines in Indonesia. Trakindo was founded in 1970 by AHK Hamami and has been an authorized distributor for Caterpillar since 1971.

Today, with a proud history of more than 45 years, Trakindo has grown today into a company that actively contributes to Indonesia’s national development.

Supported by world-class facilities and an extensive network of over 60 branches around the country, 
Trakindo delivers quality services to customers in the mining, construction, forestry, agriculture, oil and gas, marine, and power generation industries.

Committed to delivering excellence and enabling progression towards success, Trakindo is Advancing You Forward.

Driving advancement for your thriving future. Join us as:


Job Descriptions:
Location: Tembagapura
Status: Open

- Process Customer order and return through DBS with correct PO, customer id, sales type and capture all required information ie: machine model, serial no., obtain approval for BO for parts.
- Monitor all pending document and in-process document, back up Parts man in Input and record IA for parts Operation and control the in transit. Conduct cycle time analysis of backorder per month.
- Make sure that the customer gets the solution for the correct parts. Choosing the competitive parts and well explanation to the customer is a must
- Check package condition & items quantity, take a photo & necessary data for incomplete/damage, receiving stock order/transfer in DBS system as per PDP, receiving customer & service dept return as per PDP, put parts to the right Bin, receiving & inspection Reman Old core as per guidance
- Receiving hose order (identify the reusable component of hose, put the reusable component into stock, pick required additional components) built up the new hose, recommence alternative choice for new stock if nonstock, remove install
- Monitoring Collection parts from stock locations to fill orders and prepare filled parts orders for shipment (including inter-branch transfers), monitoring all facility maintenance in warehousing including safety and contamination control
- File all document systematically in the filling system, Coordinate admin activity, check the completeness of supporting document related to counter activities
- Assess Warehouse for safety and compliance, promote safety; ensure the workplace is safe & convenient and workplace complies with CC Guidelines.

- Min senior high school
- Fresh Graduate, preferable 1-year minimum experience in warehouse.
- Understand about management and parts books, product knowledge
- Basic English, Computer literacy

Analyst Technology

Job Descriptions:
Location : Tembagapura Papua
Status: Open
- Ensure all data input into system minister accurate, communication with daily ops for the status equipment well managed, target availability system achieved and recording performance, manage all issued related recording interruption.
- Ensure all presentation process to get feedback from another side, TSC Completion and Number CER raised & monitor in a timely manner.
- Readiness for business application system & Implementation.

- Male 
- Max.30 years old
- Minimum Diploma 3/S1, majoring in Mechatronics Engineering/Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
- Has knowledge of computer literacy years old
- Familiar with Network infrastructure (design & troubleshooting) Micro Controller, OS Linux  (Ubuntu), and Microsoft Server (installation, maintenance & troubleshooting)
- Excellent command of English
- Able to work as a team


Job Descriptions:
Location: Pekanbaru
Status: Contract

- Analyze and conduct repair and maintenance (i.e. all adjustment and calibration, testing, etc) of the various problems on engine/power train/hydraulics system/fuel system/auto electrical.
- Analyze and conduct troubleshooting on any operations faults or damage that occurred to the engine/power train/ hydraulics system/ fuel system/ auto electrical according to the service manual.
- Develop Mechanic skill, identify and recommend skill development according to competency needed.
- Implement SHE activities in the working place (including the contamination control implementation).
- Inspect and prepare reports in the standard service form.
- Minimum Technical High School (STM)
- 1 year as a heavy equipment mechanic
- Has knowledge related basis mechanic process and system equipment
- Basic English

If you are interested in becoming part of an industry-standard company, driving your career aspiration in a great environment, feel free to drop us a line along with your brief resume at the links below. Keep in mind, we never require any parties to give compensation for any recruitment purposes. Furthermore, Trakindo always uses a formal approach to the selected candidates.

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