Lowongan Kerja PT. Telekomunikasi Seluler (Telkomsel) Terbaru Juni 2020

Lowongan Kerja PT Telekomunikasi Seluler (Telkomsel) Terbaru Juni 2020
Since being established on May 26, 1995, Telkomsel has consistently served Indonesia, opening telecommunications access across the country, from Sabang to Merauke.

With more than 170 million customers, Telkomsel is currently the largest cellular operator in Indonesia. To serve customers all over Indonesia, even in remote areas, outer islands, and border areas, Telkomsel has built more than 209,000 BTS.

Telkomsel has also consistently implemented the latest mobile technology and was the first to commercially launch 4G LTE mobile services in Indonesia. Entering the digital era, Telkomsel continues to expand its digital business, including Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, and the Internet of Things. To serve the needs of customers, Telkomsel operates a 24-hour call center and GraPARI services spread across Indonesia.

To provide excellent service for society and help them enjoy the digital lifestyle, Telkomsel helped build the digital ecosystem in the country. Using various DNA development efforts (Device, Network, and Applications), these are expected to accelerate the formation of the Indonesian digital society. In addition, Telkomsel is also actively encouraging the positive use of technology in the younger generation.

Telkomsel will always be present to inspire society by implementing cutting edge technologies, competitive products and services, and innovative solutions. These will lead Indonesia to a broadband-based society based on a mobile technology roadmap. Our love of the country encourages Telkomsel to continue to create the best telecommunication services for the people of Indonesia -  a world-class, trusted provider of mobile digital lifestyle services and solutions.           

As one of Indonesia’s leading cellular operators, Telkomsel serves more than 170 million subscribers. If that sounds triggering for you, it is the right time to get in touch!.

Data Scientist - Jakarta

Job Description :
- Lead and design analytics approach (algorithm selection, architecture design, of tools / techniques)
- Should be comfortable with both mathematical / statistics concepts, and application of techniques

Specific Skill Requirement :
- Senior (3+ years of experience)
- Very good command of Python and ML stack
- Preferred programming experience: Python & SQL with considerable experience with a wide range of tools including SparkML, H2O, FlinkML, TensorFlow, Pandas, R and Matlab

Machine Learning Engineer - Jakarta

Job Description :
- Works closely with Data Scientists and Data Engineers to productionize and deploy machine learning models
- Asserts production tasks execute free of interruption and on schedule
- Design and develop various components of machine learning systems in collaboration with data scientists and data engineers
- Work closely with product managers for business requirements and able to turn these requirements to technical design
- Enables model output consumption by the organization by designing and orchestrating production pipeline and front-end integration (e.g., w / salesforce) 
- Works to set the standards for software engineering practices within the machine learning engineering team and support across other disciplines
- Automates and abstracts away different repeatable routines present in most ML tasks (offering templates for ML solution deployment) and find performance improvement in production environment 
- Produces high-quality code that allows put solutions into production
- Refactors code into reusable libraries, APIs, and tools

Specific Skill Requirements :
- 3+ years of experience
- Computer science, software engineering background
- Experience in data science / software engineering role, with knowledge of machine learning or statistics.
- Experience with object-oriented or functional programming concepts with good understanding of data structures & algorithms.
- Programming experience with any one of the languages Python, Java, Scala, Go. 
- Hands-on experience with version control / integration tools like Git, SVN, Circle CI etc.
- Understanding of distributed systems a big plus.
- Experience with machine learning frameworks - Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Tensorflow, Pytorch a big plus.
- Practical experience with machine learning methods, such as Linear Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Deep Learning, etc

Data Engineer - Jakarta

Job Description :
- ETL: design, develop, and implement ETL jobs and streaming processes required to ingest and transform data in the cloud environment
- Static data: architect and flood static data models to enable the development of ML and other statistical models, 
- Streaming data: design and create data ingestion pipelines to consume external data 
- Exploration and feature engineering: assist data scientists in data exploration, data visualization, and feature engineering
- Data assets: participate in data collection, collation, structuring and cleaning. Maintain data quality through statistical control
- Tool development: develop tools that support access, integration, modeling and visualizing of data

Specific Skill Requirements :
- 3+ years of experience
- Meaningful experience with at least two of the following technologies: Python, Scala, SQL, Java
- Experience working on projects within the cloud ideally AWS or Azure

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