Get to know Wheel Loader Type Heavy Equipment

DUNIAPEMBANGKITLISTRIK.COM - Wheel Loader is a type of heavy equipment that is often used to transport material that will be loaded into a dumptruck or move material to another place.

Get to know Wheel Loader Type Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment such as the Wheel Loader is similar to the dozer shovel, but there are differences, namely the wheel loader (rubber) wheeled while the wheel loader shovel (track loader) so that in terms of ability or usefulness is slightly different.

Wheel Loaders are generally used for areas that have hard and flat surfaces, not slippery dry because the traction of wet areas will be low, but can not take their own land without the aid of dozing / stock pilling in advance with that done by a bulldozer.

Here are the uses of the Wheel loader:
- Clearing the field or location of work (land clearing).
- Land eviction at close range.
- Flatten the landfill and refill the earthworks.
- Preparing materials from the material collection site.
- Strip the ugly parts (stripping)
- Flatten the surface or smooth the flat surface is called finishing

The main components of the wheel loader are:

- Cab

The cab is part of the wheel loader where the operator runs the engine. The cab has a door, a chair, looks like a glass booth mounted in the middle of the loader.

- Lift Arm

The position of the Lift Arm is placed in front of the loader, the purpose of which is to carry the upper and lower front buckets. This tool operates in contact with the bucket cylinder, a hydraulic device that drives the lift arm.

- Bucket

Buckets are the main part of a wheel loader. The shape is like a big shovel needed to bring stone, sand, coal or other material.

Get to know Wheel Loader Type Heavy Equipment

How it works from Wheel Loaders

The mechanism of action of this Wheel loader is the same as other heavy equipment, where the main drive uses the hydraulic system. Hydraulic power has a very large power or power, so it is possible to dredge, transport material or large-sized objects.

Buckets are used for hydraulic operation or "hydraulic control", while cable control (cabel controlled) is rarely used in excavators.

The loader is used to load material and carry and unload. If the area around the material is flat, the loader can move freely in a free position.

In general, heavy equipment must have advantages and disadvantages like this Wheel Loader:

The Advantages of Wheel Loaders
- High mobility
- The loading point loading area maneuver is narrower than the shovel track and,
- Damage to the surface of the loading point will be smaller due to using rubber tires.

Wheel Loader Weaknesses

In placing the load into the dump truck is not evenly distributed even sometimes it can be tilted, although this factor is greatly influenced by operator skills.

The need for wheel loader type heavy equipment continues to increase along with business growth in the mining, plantation and infrastructure development industries in Indonesia.

Kalimantan Island is the area of ​​destination for the distribution of this type of heavy equipment, with shipments of up to hundreds of units per month.

Shipments of heavy equipment type of whell loader are usually shipped using roro ships from the port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

With prices that are fairly competitive and fast, heavy equipment shipments via roro ships are very interested in business people or mining entrepreneurs because the tariff is more economical than shipping via cargo break bulk ships or LCT ships.

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