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DUNIAPEMBANGKTLISTRIK.COM - In general, the understanding of a pump is a device that functions to move fluid from one place to another by using a source of propulsion energy from electricity, wind, gas, water and other propulsion energies. 

Terminologi Pompa

Before discussing further about the types of pumps and the details of their parts, first we must know several terms or terminology that are often found in discussions about pumps, including :

Pump Capacity

Pump capacity states the volume of liquid that can be flowed per unit of time for example 1 / minute, gallons / minute, tons / hour and so forth.


The term pressure is often used in connection with pump problems. Press is defined as the force acting per unit cross-sectional area, thus the pressure is expressed in units of Pounds per Square Inch, N / m2 (Pa), bars and so on.

Suction Lift

Shows the surface size of the liquid with the center point of the pump, because the location of the surface of the liquid is lower so the pump requires suction force to pull the fluid up as shown in figure 1 below.

Suction Head

Shows the surface size of the liquid that is above the pump center line, or in other words the suction head states the vertical distance from the pump center line to the liquid surface, as shown in Figure 2 below.

Information :

The discharge head states the vertical distance from the pump center to the surface of the pumped liquid

The total head represents the vertical distance between the surface of the suction side of the pump (suction) and the surface of the side of the pump (discharge).

A positive suction head states the amount of minimum suction pressure needed by a pump to operate normally. If the value of the suction head is smaller than the minimum price, there will be a cavitation phenomenon in the pump (cavitation is the formation of bubbles of liquid vapor, especially on the suction head side).

When the fluid enters the pump, the pressure will rise so that the vapor bubbles will collapse and cause a knock on the impeller, which in turn will cause erosion and pitting of the impeller.

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