Lowongan Kerja PT Indaco Warna Dunia Terbaru April 2020

Lowongan Kerja PT Indaco Warna Dunia Terbaru April 2020
PT. Indaco Warna Dunia began operations in 2005 in Jakarta. Initially, we only engaged in the production of NC paints for the automotive and synthetic alkyd and anti-rust paints for the heavy metal industry.

In a further development, we are trying to produce water-based decorative paints that are being loved by the Indonesian paint market.

Now, we are headquartered in Surakarta - or better known as the city of Solo - in the Javanese province of Tengaj, we will now and further focus on efforts to develop decorative paints based on water and solvents. Our market range includes major retailers and distributors.

In 2014 PT. Indaco Coating Industry made an acquisition of its subsidiary, PT. Warna Dunia which is engaged in distribution and sales, so it changed its name to PT. Indaco Color World.

PT. Indaco Warna Dunia formed a joint venture with Northstar, a private equity company from Singapore since January 2015.

Legal Staff

Main Jobdesc: Manage Licensing & Other Documents related to Legal in the Company

Jobdesc Details :

- Responsible for making and reviewing agreements relating to the legality of the company
- Responsible for all documents relating to the legality of the company
- Responsible for public relations relating to the legality of the company
- Responsible for assisting the legal team in handling cases
- Actively giving reports related to his work to HEAD OF LEGAL

Placement :

(Jalan Raya Solo-Sragen KM. 13.2. Pulosari Village, Kebakkramat District, Karanganyar Regency - Central Java)

More Info: 08112759424 (WhatsApp Only)

General Requiremets :

- Man or Woman
- Ages 20 - 33 years
- Minimum S1 Law Education
- Preferably based in Solo, Yogyakarta and surrounding areas
- Minimum 1 year experience in the field (MORE PREDICTED)
- Minimum 1 year experience as Staff in Notary Office (MORE PREDICTED)

Special Requirements :

- Education: Minimum S1
- Department: S-1 Law, Legal Studies
- Minimum GPA: 3

Specific requirements :

- Accustomed to compiling Leagl Drafting
- Able to compile: Agreement, Licensing and others
- Mastering Trade Law, Civil Law, Labor Law & Criminal Law
- Able to make Legal Drafting, Legal Contract and Case Analysis
- Willing to travel to all regions of Indonesia
- Able to operate a computer (Ms. Office) very well
- Have good English skills
- Confidence, communicative, negotiative & high initiative

If you are interested in the vacancy above, please click the link below

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