Jenis-Jenis Metode Konservasi Boiler

DUNIAPEMBANGKITLISTRIK.COM - Boiler conservation can generally be defined as an effort to protect the surface of boiler pipe material (water side and steam side) as well as playing the drum from corrosion when the boiler is idle, another term for boiler conservation is boiler lay-up. Pipe corrosion occurs when during boiler drainage some of the water will be trapped and stick to the surface of pipes such as angles, threads on walltubes (ribbed tubes) and other places.

Jenis-Jenis Metode Konservasi Boiler

The trapped water causes high humidity in the water side and the steam side of the boiler system, so that with oxygen in the air filling the empty space in the boiler pipes, corrosion will arise and will quickly occur mainly in critical areas such as welding areas as well as parts of the pipe that have damaged passive layers.

There are two conditions where the boiler must stop operating (idle), namely in a standby condition (stand by) and in a maintenance condition (over houl). For both conditions require slightly different treatment in carrying out boiler conservation. Understanding boiler stand by condition is a condition where the boiler does not operate because it is not needed, for example because the load demand is smaller than the existing capacity, so it is possible to have a stand-by boiler as a backup when needed. One example of this case is for auxiliary boilers which are operated only at certain times.

Understanding boiler conditions in maintenance is a condition where the boiler does not operate because of ongoing maintenance, both planned maintenance (overhoul) and unplanned (forced outage), in this condition the application of the boiler conservation method must be adjusted to the maintenance schedule, thus more coordination is needed both in boiler conservation settings.

There are two types of conservation methods commonly used in thermal plants, namely :

Wet conservation

Conservation by means of wet is technically easier to implement, and if done with the right procedures it will be very effective to reduce the occurrence of corrosion on the surfaces of boiler pipes and playing drums. This method is suitable for the conservation of large modern boilers.

There are two criteria for conserving boilers in a wet way, namely: Short term storage and Long term storage, the difference between the two criteria is the length of idle time and the concentration of chemicals used.

Dry conservation

Conservation of the dry method is generally used for conventional boilers which are simple, considering that this conservation method is technically quite difficult to do for large and very complex modern boilers, besides the kinetic reaction of water absorption by chemicals used in dry conservation is considered less effective because the distance between the chemical and the dried component is too far apart.

However, if the conditions on the ground do not allow for wet conservation, dry conservation can be an option that can sometimes be avoided.

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